Air Conditioning Service And Repair Ashby De La Zouch

We offer both an Air con recharge/regas and Anti-bacterial clean services to ensure your vehicle’s air conditioning system is running as cool & as efficiently as possible. We recommend having your car air conditioning system checked and serviced with gas and lubricant every two years for optimal performance.



Most cars before 2017

  • Full system drain down
  • Vacuum Leak Check
  • Manufacturer recommended amount of gas
  • UV Dye should a leak develop



Most cars after 2017

  • Full system drain down
  • Vacuum Leak Check
  • Manufacturer recommended amount of gas
  • UV Dye should a leak develop



All Cars

  • Remove Bacteria from AC System
  • Remove bad odours
  • Fresh & Crisp Air
  • Free air con temperature check

Car Air Conditioning Recharge Service

A recharge (or regas) for your air conditioning makes sure that your air conditioning system should be ready to use effectively whenever you need it. Through time and regular use the gas in your air conditioning system will run low and will need to be replenished before the system can start to operate as designed and blow consistently cold air again.

If you’re unsure whether your air conditioning system needs to have its refrigerant gas topped-up, our  F-Gas certified technicians will be happy to carry out a free temperature test to see if the air coming from your AC is as cool as it should be.

How often should your recharge your air conditioning?

Regular checks will ensure that your air conditioning is working at its optimum performance and makes sitting in your car on a hot day a lot more comfortable, as well as ensuring the windscreen is clear in the winter months.

We recommend that you have your air conditioning system checked for its gas/refrigerant level every 2 years to keep it running healthily.

If you are in any doubt whether your air conditioning system is operating as it should be, we will be happy to give your vehicle a free temperature test so you can find out whether you would benefit from a recharge.

Why recharge your air conditioning

Air conditioning is kept cool thanks to a refrigerant gas that circulates in the system, making sure that cool air spreads throughout the entire vehicle. In the two years recommended between system checks and potential top ups of refrigerant, a lot can change like the amount of refrigerant gas remaining in the system.

As well as keeping your car cool in the summer and the windscreen de-misted in the winter, using your air conditioning regularly will help it operate as efficiently as possible.

A drop in gas level will result in a loss of system efficiency. As air conditioning checks are not always covered in your annual service or on an MOT, you should have the system checked routinely to ensure its long-lasting performance.