Your brakes are squealing

That grinding, squealing sound of metal on metal is what comes to mind when most drivers think of failing brakes.

Your brake pedal has dropped

One of the sure-fire signs your brakes are failing is a dropping brake pedal.

You have to hit the brakes harder

If any one brake or axle is not performing the way it’s supposed to, you’ll have to push harder on your pedal to stop your vehicle

Your brake pedal is vibrating

Sometimes when brakes aren’t working, you’ll notice the pedal shudders and it’s often accompanied by a chattering sound as well as a steering wheel shaking back and forth.

You feel a pull to the left or right

If you’re applying the brakes and you notice a pull to the left or right, it could mean one of the vehicle’s calipers or wheel cylinders are seized.

Your ABS warning light is on

Sometimes your ABS warning light might come on the dash, if this stays on constantly then it means urgent attention to the cars anti-lock brake system is required.

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